Sunday, 18 February 2018

Paradox: Peter's Problem

Mark 8:31--38 

When up is down, and right
is wrong, and last is first
and small is great, and
a king must die to take
his place: a throne
to be hung upon not to
sit upon, a crown that cuts
not cut with jewels; rebuke
and ridicule, when all
we want is fanfare
for our hero rescuer
of the small, the last,
the upside down; don't let
us down with talk
of dying when you have
only just brought us back
to life.

Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Parting company

Mark 1:9-15

tear the clouds apart,
rip open the sky,
let me through, let
me through - and Spirit
nose-dives like a dove for
a worm, 'tward Wisdom
Incarnate to embrace,
as the voice, the Source
declares what is: Beloved,
offspring of Love Divine,
such delight --

and then she turns,
she drives him out to the wilds
and the beasts; did Spirit speak
to the angels as they passed
in flight? Don't leave him
alone, though he must go and we
must stay, I'm away
to wait for time to pass,
and to mend the hole in the sky ...

Wednesday, 7 February 2018

In secret

litany based on Matt 6:1–6, 16–21

Come into a secret room,
come away from the crowds
and the light.
Come into the secret room
of your heart, your depth,
your all.

Here you are met by God,
and God alone.
Here you confess to God,
and God alone.

In secret, name your hurts,
your fears: none will hear
but God.
In secret bear your scars,
your tears: none will see
but God.

Here you will need your courage,
here you will need to be brave.
But there will be no fanfare,
no heroes’ welcome as we look
only to ourselves.

Look closely, look with care
and attention, at your fullness
of humanity.
See and do not turn away
from what you have done or left

Look closely, look with care
and attention, in a mirror
of God’s deep loving;
look, be seen, and in this secret
place of honesty, find hope,
and healing, and humility.

Sunday, 4 February 2018

On the mountain

Mark 9:2–9 

Holy One, Holy Three, we are here again on the mountain.
Surprise us with your mystery,
dazzle us with your being,
challenge us with your story,
cloud us with your presence, 
speak to us of love. 

Sunday, 28 January 2018

He prayed

Mark 1:29–39 

withdrawing Jesus
silent dark deserted, found
proclaimed, proclaiming 

Sunday, 21 January 2018

His voice calls us home

Mark 1:14–28 

Jesus spoke and I listened,
I knew this stranger at
once; Jesus spoke,
and I followed, trust implicit
and strange; Jesus
spoke and I left my home,
was home as I had never
been before; Jesus spoke,
teaching wisdom to open hearts
and ears and minds;
Jesus spoke to the spirits
of disease and they fell
silent, obeyed; Jesus spoke
and amazed all who heard
him, as he spoke, we
listened and followed this stranger
who brought us home.

Monday, 15 January 2018


Psalm 62 

My Soul.
For God.

as storms batter fortress walls in vain,
as enemies try to bring me down and fail.

My Soul.
For God.

trusting the light through a tangled forest,
flickering, small and faithful;
resting beneath an ancient gum as rain
drowns the earth.

My Soul.
For God.

while thieves steal through shade
and towers of riches crumble, fade ...

My Soul.
For God.

a small voice, still voice, spiderweb-thin power
to hold me safe;
love reaches, kindness teaches, hope
carries the day.

My Soul.
For God.